Anika Amalean

I’ve been a part of the TASS family for 2 years now, my workout schedule consists of both group and personal training. Before I joined TASS I was quite intimidated with the workouts I saw online, I never thought I’ll be able to keep up with the others, now; two years later I can confidently say that I’ve achieved all of the challenging goals I’ve set for myself. I’ve never been one to push myself but the trainers ensure that after every class that I’ve pushed through my limits, the group class are fun as well because we help each-other to push ourselves.  When I go into the sessions I feel great even though after I’m done and I am barely catching my breath, I feel great, I feel accomplished and what the hour does is that it doesn’t merely takes care of my body, it helps with my mental wellness too and that has been a great pivoting point. I can’t thank the TASS team enough for helping me get to where I am now, for understanding my strength, my weaknesses and also listening to my constant “I can’t do this exercise” but still pushing me, empowering me, and helping me achieve it together. TASS is not just a place to work-out but an opportunity to build relationships and better yourself your body, mind, overall wellbeing and walk out a better healthier person. Thank you for everything you do TASS team we appreciate it.