Dharshi Malalasekara

My prenatal journey with TASS started in February. I have been training with Thanura for 5 years, and I was more than comfortable in trusting the process. I knew I was in capable hands. Thanura did extensive research to make sure that I was safe at every session.  The first 6 months felt like a normal schedule. Gym, weights and fitness all under the careful supervision of the TASS team. I was squatting almost half my weight and was challenged to do 50 push-ups at the 6-month stage. We achieve this much, much faster and of course Thanura being ‘Thanura’ continued to increase the number of push-ups and kept the motivation going. At the 8 months stage I was no longer able to do push-ups in the normal way so we continued to do it with my knees down. My last trimester was super challenging as the movements became slightly harder. Thanura modified every workout, understanding what I could and couldn’t do on the day.

Post pregnancy in 6 months I’m back to 80% fitness around 70% weight loss and Thanura tailored all post-pregnancy workouts to ease me back into leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.