Sumanthri Samarawickrama

I’ve been at TASS for a while, I love TASS because I love the TASS team and its fun being with TASS. TASS makes me keep at what I love to do and it has given me the attitude of wanting to exercise every day and being fit. So Thanks TASS.


I am truly grateful to you and your team. I never thought i could get back to what i was or find myself back. I had lost all my self confidences because i was so unfit and fat when i started. You guys had an answer to all the obstacles i had, trully TASS is a complete sports solution. My knee pains are gone and yes we had to work for months, including a fractuer, but YOU your team pulled me back on track. The video is not doing justice to how i feel and why i love TASS. Its just a teaser. Thank you again T.