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TASS PHYSIO is the Physiotherapy & Medical brand of TASS. We are one of the pioneers of the concept of “Exercise as Medicine” in Sri Lanka. We believe in a patient-centric model, which is to assist the patient/client with treatments that help them physically and mentally to overcome the injury, which in most cases is chronic. Positive and motivating communication between the practitioner and the client is the key to improving adherence and seeing their goals to completion.

Our team has enjoyed conducting more than 5,000 treatments for our athletes and clients. We love what we do and are passionate about seeing you happy and active. We excel in sports injuries, neck, back & knee pain, and post-surgery recovery (shoulder, knee, hip, and ankle).

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Acute Injury Management

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapists at TASS work to create a safe environment for injured individuals to be physically active and to return to health. Acute management involves an assessment within 24-48 hours of the injury and a plan of action outlined from beginning to end. Pain management, treatment, and advice are the most common interventions at this stage.

Exercise Rehabilitation

The goal of Exercise rehab is to return the individual to their peak Physical activity level of choice be it returning to Sport or general health following major surgery. This is intended for athletes following knee, shoulder, or back surgery and for general population following cardiac, spinal or joint replacement surgery.

Senior Citizen Health Program (Fitter Stronger Better)

It is common to see balance and strength issues occur with age. The Senior Citizen program keeps elders’ bodies running on all cylinders well into later years and keeps them away from pain and injury. The Senior Program also helps seniors who have undergone Surgery to recover and be healthy to improve their quality of life.

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