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At ProAthlete, we are obsessed with human performance! With our relentless pursuit of the best training methods, we combine programs that are designed to unlock the potential of every athlete that walks through our doors. Our training is based on years of experience in multiple countries, as well as research and scientific data that has proven to create the best results.

Our mission is two-pronged; one is to strengthen the current elite athletes by being an accessory to their sport and ensuring peak performance when required through sports science. Two is to build holistic athletes for the future for sustainable development, the objective being global dominance of the competition.

We have 3 major stages of athlete development;
Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) for 5–10-year-olds
• ProAthlete Development (ProA Dev) for 11–15-year-olds
• ProAthlete Elite (ProA Elite) for 15-year-olds and above

What do you get by joining ProAthlete
Assessment – Skill & fitness assessment
• Strength & conditioning
• Nutrition & diet consultation
• Recovery and load management
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation

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Fundamental Movement Skills

Following global standards of skill development, we have designed a specialized program for budding athletes of 5-10 years to establish a good base of physical literacy and competency. The objective would be that these skills will assist them excel not only in sport but with increased self-confidence and awareness. We focus on improving 12 essential skills within a time frame of 4 months and expose them to multiple sports which under the guidance of sports professionals to further develop and implement the skills learnt.

ProAthlete Development

The bridge between Fundamentals and Elite athlete training. In this stage athletes aged 11-15 years go through the “Learn to train” and “Train to train” stages before advancing into more complex and specific Elite athlete training stage. The athletes learn different skills and how to apply it to sport while improving their physicality (endurance, movement, speed, strength) through our specialists in the field of strength and conditioning. Establishing a good base in this stage is critical for maximizing the performance in higher stages.

ProAthlete Elite

The crux of the ProAthlete program where peak performance meets determination and grit! Athletes who have reached their potential and want to go the extra mile can now enroll in the Elite ProAthlete program to develop their mental as well as physical components in preparation for their sport . Dedicated strength & conditioning as well as sports science specialists will assist you through each step of the process in achieving your goals.

Our Skilled Performance Coaches

Sports Scientist
Head of the Department
Assistant Team Leader Performance Coach /Physiotherapist
Performance Coach /Physiotherapist
Junior Performance Trainer
Junior Performance Trainer
Junior Performance Trainer
De Alwis
Junior Performance Trainer
Junior Performance Trainer

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