The ProAthlete program is a specialised program developed to muster the sporting talent in the Island and to guide & assist in the development of young athletes. The vision of ProAthlete is to be the foremost sports science and training academy in Asia where young athletes will have an advantage in their elite performance through us.

ProAthlete has been divided into two distinct groups;

Sports Performance – 13 years and above, this is the stage where young sportspersons are trained to train and trained to win in sports.

Fundamentals & Development – This is the most important stage in sports, where youngsters from the age of 6/7 years are trained in all fundamental movements to assist with sport and everyday life (spacial awareness, fine motor skills, movement awareness etc). These are the building blocks of being active and promotes an active lifestyle from a young age. Further these fundamental skills will assist to fine tune and develop specific skills for sports.