Yasas Nanayakkara

Before I joined TASS, I was unhealthy and unfit, I had high triglyceride levels, was diagnosed with stage 2 fatty liver and had recurrent injuries with recreational sports. I joined TASS in January 2020, within a month I saw resultsRead More

Dharshi Malalasekara

“Thanura did extensive research to make sure that I was safe at every session. The first 6 months felt like a normal schedule. Gym, weights and fitness all under the careful supervision. I was squatting almost half my weight and was challenged to do 50 push-ups at the 6-month stage. We achieve this much, much faster…..

Post pregnancy in 6 months I’m back to 80% fitness around 70% weight loss and Thanura tailored all post-pregnancy workouts to ease me back into leading a fit and healthy lifestyle”.Read More

Sarah Kabhir

It took them approximately 6 months to sort out my injury and to run a complete strength program. Then I completed my goal of running a full marathon which I always wanted to do.Read More

Harin Nanayakkara

I was never the most athletic sort but I feel I’m much stronger, I can lift much heavier, I can run faster and run for longer even with my occasional drinking and smoking.Read More

Savithra Perera

Being a working mum it’s tough to carveout time to exercise, but TASS has successfully converted me to a fitness addict.Read More

Dhanila Fernando

what I enjoy the most is the interaction the trainers have with the clients, it makes it so much more fun to workout with them and they know exactly how to push each individual in their own way to get the job done.Read More

Indika Weerapperuma

They have a flexible schedule which can fit any lifestyle and my feeling is that it’s good to join a group like TASS specially with a degree of variability, flexibility and a specialty in exercise science.Read More

Anika Amalean

TASS is not just a place to work-out but an opportunity to build relationships and better yourself your body, mind, overall wellbeing and walk out a better healthier person.Read More

Ramola Sivasundaram

I initially had physiotherapy with the TASS physiotherapy team which helped me a lot and the knee pain went off completely.Read More

Nishika Aponsu

I had a back injury and I couldn’t do anything. The team worked with my physiotherapist to strengthen by back and I’m back to normal, now I can do pretty much anything I want.Read More

Sumanthri Samarawickrama

TASS makes me keep at what I love to do and it has given me the attitude of wanting to exercise every day and being fit.Read More

Savindi Doranegama

TASS motivates me, TASS give me a good day, a happy day and a good life.Read More